Contact Numbers

24 Hour Contact: 07958501623

Office Contact: 01753522079

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5K Go Green

Carbon Offset

At 5K Security all our carbon emmissions are officially calculated and offset. We don't just fund this service by purchasing carbon credits, We actually get out there and plant trees on our land. The other uses for this land are for specialist dog training and various animal grazing purposes.

Car Pooling

For the jobs that require the transportation of our staff or canines via motor vehicles, we car share and conduct the transportation in the most carbon effecient manner.

Re-Cycling Waste

Not only do we use recycled paper products only, we also recycle these at the end of their use in the office. All other waste is sorted and co-ordinated in a way which makes the re-cycling as easy as possible.

Sponsorship within the community

5K Security sponsors 2 local sports teams. This support is essential to the running of these youth teams, and 5K is proud to be of help within the local community. We believe in giving back!

Charity Work

During the Vaisakhi March we hold a stall where free food is given out to people supporting the march. This is just a token of our appreciation to the local community.