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24 Hour Contact: 07958501623

Office Contact: 01753522079

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5K Security... Why Choose Us?

5K security offers comprehensive security solutions to match your needs. We have experienced personell in all departments. Our award winning canine unit is world reknown and our specialist dog handlers are on hand 24/7.

24 Hour Services24/7

We offer a range of services that are available round the clock. Including Alarm Response, Key Holding and Dog Unit Patrols...

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Door SupervisionSIA Regulated

All 5K Security Door Supervisors are licenced, insured and fully trained in line with the Security Industry Authority...

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5k Go GreenCarbon Neutral

Find out how 5K Security has gone green in 2012. Recycling, Car Pooling, and Carbon Offsets make us proud to be Carbon Neutral!

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Contact Numbers:


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